3 Reasons Why Golfers Should Do Yoga

Welcome Back to CBD Yoga & Fitness. In todays post, I will be going over what I believe are the top 3 reasons why Golfers should do Yoga. Reason #1 Flexibility! Yoga is well known to promote more flexibility within your body. Bring that increased flexibility to your golf game and it could be aContinue reading “3 Reasons Why Golfers Should Do Yoga”

Thank You For 50 Subscribers

Just want to take a minute to say Thank You! Yes, you! I woke up so happy and grateful today😇 Today we reached our goal of 50 subscribers on YouTube. About six months ago, I dropped everything to fully commit myself to this journey, way of life and most importantly doing what I love to do.Continue reading “Thank You For 50 Subscribers”

Yoga For A Pandemic | Peace And Love To All

Welcome Yogi’s near and far, peace and love to you all. During a time like this, it is easy to feel anxious, stressed and fearful. I invite you to take a step back, and take a quick break from the news and everything else that is going on. Amidst the current situation we find ourselvesContinue reading “Yoga For A Pandemic | Peace And Love To All”

5 Reasons Why Hockey Players Should Do Yoga

Take your game to the next level. Five reasons why hockey players should do yoga.

My Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Review

My Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Review. Life Changing!