About us

CBD Yoga & Fitness was founded by Mike Weisgerber in 2019. Mike is a 25 year old yoga and fitness enthusiast and prides himself with his discipline and commitment to personal and spiritual growth. His goal with this community is to add value and uniqueness through youtube and social media that is enjoyed by millions of people across the world. Along with Mike, is his beautiful girlfriend and assistant Kesley Thomas. She is the Aries to his Sagittarius. Kesley is responsible for all of the art in the videos. Both are originally from Canada and love to travel and experience new things.

Mike Weisgerber


My passions include yoga, fitness, sports, traveling, writing and personal growth.

Fun fact: I lived all over North America growing up and I also pursue acting and modelling opportunities on the side.

Email me: cbdyogaandfitness@gmail.com

Kesley Thomas

Assistant and Artist

My passions include yoga, art and traveling.

Fun fact: No Starbucks barista has ever got my name right.

Email me: cbdyogaandfitness@gmail.com


Fur baby

I am a Golden Retriever mixed with a Labrador, also known as a Goldador.

Fun Fact: I am named after the Hall Of Fame hockey player Marian Hossa.

Email me: cbdyogaandfitness@gmail.com

” Where there is Family, there is Love.”

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