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At CBD Yoga and Fitness, we strive to add value and uniqueness through Yoga and Fitness by the means of free Youtube Videos, Social Media and our Blog. We specialize in Yoga For Athletes, Yin Yoga and Yoga For Men. We post new At Home Yoga and Workout Videos every Thursday. We hope you enjoy!

Our Passions

Yoga For Athletes

Being a former hockey player and someone who participates in a variety of sports, I know first hand how big of an impact yoga can have on your physical and mental performance.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is my personal favourite type of yoga not only to perform but also to teach. Practicing Yin Yoga has helped me with anxiety, flexibility, and mental clarity just to name a few.

Yoga For The Bros

I always thought yoga was for women before I tried it. After I tried yoga, I was instantly hooked and realized the tremendous benefits. My goal is to help other men experience that too.

Latest Blog Posts

Should Hockey Players Do Yoga?

Absolutely, Hockey Players should be doing yoga as part of their training program, especially if they are serious about staying in shape and taking their game to the next level. Yoga has numerous benefits to offer to hockey players such as strength, stamina and flexibility just to name a few.

A Yogi’s Journey – Part 2

Welcome back to CBD Yoga And Fitness and A Yogi’s Journey Part 2. A close in depth look into our lives as we pursue our goals and dreams.

Should Golfers Do Yoga?

Yes! Golfers should do yoga, especially if you play golf on a regular basis. Yoga is great to do before golf and after golf for a myriad of reasons. Peace of mind, balance and even strength are what a regular yoga practice can bring to your golf game.

Latest Video

YOGA FOR TIGHT HIPS | Yoga For Athletes. Are you an athlete who suffers form tight hips? Have you ever thought to yourself, why are my hips so tight? First, lets look at what causes tight hips and hip flexors. Not stretching or warming up prior to doing physical exercise, standing/sitting for long periods of time, bad postural habits, or maybe you have one leg longer than the other. All of these can contribute to tight hips.

What problems are associated with tight hips? Tight hips can lead to lower back pain, muscle spasms, and difficulty standing or walking. Not fun. Hips have also been known to store low energy emotions such as stress and anger. By performing hip stretches and hip exercises, we can release all of this unwanted and frankly unnecessary energy.

In this 25 minute yoga sequence, we will solely be targeting the hips. If you tend to suffer from tight hips, this is a great video to do before or after any physical exercise. Loosening up the the hips will help prevent injury while also improving the range of motion.

At CBD Yoga And Fitness, we specialize in Yoga For Athletes, Yin Yoga and Yoga For Men. Be sure to like and subscribe for weekly yoga and workout videos.

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My name is Mike and I am a yoga alliance certified yoga teacher who specializes in Yoga For Athletes, Yin Yoga, and Yoga For Men. My goal is to add value and uniqueness to millions of people around the world all for free through my YouTube Channel and my Blog. Be sure to like and subscribe for a new yoga and workout video every week. Read more

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